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Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet brings a lot of comfort to your home, not only does it feel comfortable and warm under your feet but it helps in the overall feel of your home. Cleaning your carpets on a scheduled basis is essential in preventing dust mites, bad air quality, bacteria, mold, and some viruses. Picking a carpet cleaner can be one of the most difficult things you might find with the process but we have made it simple here at Complete Carpet Cleaning LLC.

Cleaning your carpets yourself can be a lot of work with little results and here is why. When you rent a machine from your local store you are not getting the extraction, heat, or experience of our friendly staff. The heat from these machines does not even compare with our 230 degree heat that our equipment can produce. The suction that is produced from these rented carpet cleaners isn't even in the same ballpark as the equipment that we use thus causing longer dry times when doing it yourself. Carpet cleaning takes experience when dealing with stains, pet issues, and heavily soiled carpets.

Carpet Cleaning


Our carpet cleaning equipment provides 230 degree constant temps, and the extraction power it takes to clean your carpets effectively without long dry times.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are background checked, have a min of 5 years experience, uniformed and have a+ customer service training.

Complete Carpet Cleaning LLC has a high standard when it comes to our customer service. That is why we have the best track record when it comes to our customers. Don't take our word for it Give us a call!

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